Food Chats

Postmedia’s food chats are informative and engaging.  Thursday’s live chat was all about fresh summer berries, yum!

Strawberries signal the  beginning of summer and the start of berry season.  Panellist, Susan Schwartz mentioned “less is more” when preparing Quebec’s succulent strawberries, and this seemed to be the same sentiment for BC’s luscious blueberries.  Perhaps this may warrant a berry picking roadtrip or two.

This weeks live chat introduced Sarah B. Hood as a resource for canning tips via Twitter@sarahbhood, and gave notable mention to her book “We Sure Can.”  The Ontario Berry Growers Associations’ website proved to be a wealth of information.  Tips included handling, preparing, berry storage as well as countless dessert recipes.

Postmedia’s archived Food Chat also has many recipes which can be accessed anytime.  My favorites were La Tartine Gourmande’s delicious rhubarb and raspberry clafoutis, and a tasty cocktail from Bon Appetit called Rose, Bourbon and Blue.

If you want to participate in the next live chat or read topics of discussion follow on Twitter@PostmediaChats.  Hope to see you at the next food chat.

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